Sunday, 15 February 2009

41 42

Could someone please mention to my 3 year old that it is mid February and generally swimming in big pools of sea water fully clothed is slightly crazy, he did crawl out of one pool though exclaiming that's fun!
41 42


Joxy said...

Gracious, I feel chilled just looking at him! lol

There again, I once jumped fully clothed in a res in mid Feb... ice stilla round the edges.. all for a bet and I was older than your little one.

And yes it was blumming fact I remember thinking my heart was going to stop it was so breath takingly cold.

dottyspots said...

ROFL! They seem to have absolutely no notion of what will make them freezing cold!

I'm with Joxy, makes me shiver just to look at, but I know my 3 year old would've been straight in there with him!

Slugs On The Refrigerator said...

That is too funny and slightly worrying! I have an almost 2 year old that does that and I keep saying to myself. oh. he'll grow out of it!