Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The new girls & 14/365

When I let them out this morning there was some confusion and suprise but once the food was spotted they made a beeline for it.
After work I let them out of the run......... I have the naughtiest hens! Up the lane and down the lane, into the small veg patch, hiding under cars.......This is Beep and Queenie Violet Blue they had a peck at each other but Blue seems to be sticking close to Beep. and leading her into the veg patch! This is my 14/365 as all I've done today with the camera is take pictures of the chickens. This is the little Isa Brown who is definately bottom of the pecking order and has spent quite a bit of time on her own today :( but she is very human friendly and prefered to eat out of my hand than off the floor. No name yet, K can't decide, he wants another Beep 2 but I've said he should really chose another name.

This is the Black Rock, no name yet either.


shell said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

willow81 said...

Cute chooks!