Saturday, 10 January 2009

Almost a Full Moon 10/365

and our last night of clear skies for a few days so I got outside at 11pm gone and it was fffffffffreezing. I used the telephoto lens and had to lean my arms on the top of the car, got covered in frost and nearly froze to the car. So despite the picture not truly being taken on the 10th I may use this one as 10, depends what happens later in the day. Now I've made it smaller the clouds aren't showing very well hmmm, oh well. Yup it's 23.11 so this is going to be 10.

On a more boring note I think we need a de-humidifier in this house, the living room walls are wet :(

Need to find one that is A rated, had a quick look on the internet this morning and found lots of good reviews for various brands but no energy rating info.


Lorilee said...

Lucky you! I would've loved to get a shot of tonight's moon, but it's been cloudy and rainy here. If you'd like to get more detail in the moon, then you could try underexposing a bit, I think. . .

Liz said...

Yes I was wondering how to achieve more detail. I saw a stunning picture of this moon on Flickr on the link for the B&W TBW challenge. So much detail. In photoshop the clouds and some moon detail showed up but when I edited the size for blog posting it seemed to lose any detail it had picked up. I shall investigate under exposing!