Wednesday, 28 January 2009



Took the camera out with the 300mm lens on it as the hawk was in the field

but he had gone by the time I got out there, since I was out I just took loads of pictures. So bright and sunny the exposure was all over the place. I need to learn more technical stuff! This is the old fashioned pylon that feeds us our electricity, it crackles in the mist and sparks fly off it, I must work out how to photograph that!

Started getting the greenhouse ready for our first seeds of the year and C dug some more of the field veg plot over. Went through the seeds we have and made a list of some we need and placed the order today :) Bit annoyed I haven't planted any garlic yet, is it too late now I wonder?

Got a beautiful book

Amost finished the Booga Bag, just slogging through the i-cord then I will be able to get the felting done.


Anonymous said...

Oh that book has been on my list of things to treat myself to for a while. I love the Painting Dreams website - got the Goddess wheel on our seasons table.

There's a tree of happiness award over at my blog for you.

Brightest Blessings,

TicklyToes said...

Hestia/Jo says you can plant garlic any time ;)