Sunday, 13 February 2011

Blustery Days and a Busy Week

A beautiful robin posed for his picture in the woods

Clusters of eggs exposed by a low tide

The far end of the beach on a very blustery day.

These were all photos from the week before , this week we have had a fantastic home ed group meet up, a visit from the ever popular Nana, a stall @ the local NCT sale and today more things started to get crossed off the enormous 'Outside To Do List' The side hedge Fuschias have been cut down (maybe one day wwe will trade them for a hedge of Wild Rose, Jasmine and Honeysuckle!) .
A lovely box arrived from Tamar Organics last week so spuds have been set out to chit and the first seeds have been planted today, 3 types of tomatos, spinach, hyssop, sweet peppers, hot peppers, lettuce, I think I'll be in there every day checking to see which seedlings breaks through first I'm so relieved Spring is finally coming. Veg beds were planned over a lovely cup of chai and rhubarb crowns were given a dose of some pelleted chicken manure only for us to discover that our chickens quite fancied the look of it and ate it!
All the fences have come off the main beds so I need to replace them with something to stall the chooks and the rabbits. The small bed to the side of the house does have fencing but they are always in there scratching about, need to come up with a solution to stop them getting in there and eating all the strawberries that will be in there this year. And talking of fruit I've snipped off all the raspberry canes to see what happens, they were here when we moved so I think by now they should be put out of their misery but lets see what happens this year after the chop, the blackbirds always get the fruit first thing in the morning so it's never really for us unless one of the boys spots a fruit that the birds didn't see.
The second composter has finally been sited and I've started it off with greenhouse clearings that I'd been hanging onto for just that purpose plus the veg peelings from today and a good handful of half rotted stuff from the other bin and lots and lots of wriggly worms. I quite like the idea of a wormery but that's for another year I think.
Not had a chance to do any spinning as I've been so busy sewing for the shop.

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