Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ahoy there me hearties

Spent a fabulous afternoon with friends we haven't seen for a long time. We also went for a play at being pirates on the boat, a beautiful oak sailing boat that is 103 years old and made in Denmark. I was a little bit petrified of Edan goiong overboard (the boy is strangely drawn to water) so spent most of the time with my heart in my mouth but he stayed on board. Kailen helped get a sail down, there was a swing rigged up to the boom (apparently it's fabulous to go on when the boom is flung out so one minute you are 30 feet up in the air then in the water as the ship goes down, yeah right, I believe you, just don't mention it to Edan!) Hammocks slung for rocking and playing in and a rope with knots in tied to some other piece of wood (I'm not very up on ship terminology!) so they could climb. sailing it to the Scillys in the summer. Then much joy was had driving a battery operated car made from scrap and 'junk', one mans rubbish is most definately 5 small boys treasure.

Enjoying reading The Idle Parent and a Spring Equinox book I ordered finally arrived and it looks really good Spring Equinox

A customer requested a wee coin purse in the same design as my project bags so a sample was made up, testing feedback is good so I will be making a batch to put in the shop, they fit cash and cards in and also a small mobile phone.

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