Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I wish people would stop talking about Father Christmas and how my child must be good or he won't get a visit/gifts from FC? A seemingly innocuous comment has now led K to ask if he has been good all the day as he doesn't want to be bad as people say FC won't come :( It makes me so pissed off, he's 4 has not been subjected to FC/Santa as we don't do it he is a bit bewildered by the whole thing. WE get gifts for the children not some stranger who has been watching all the children all the year.
We do some gifts at Yule and some on the 25th, it spreads them out a bit as too many new things all at the same time overwhelms them and I don't think they appreciate each gift, anyway he had 3 things at Yule and after opening them asked where the rest of his presents were?! Where on earth did that come from?! I've now spent the last couple of days trying to get him to understand that while pressies are nice it should really be about giving something nice to someone you love. I wish I'd done the gratitude tree now! It got shelved as I just didn't have time I wonder if it's too late to start one?

A walk on the beach with new lens filter in place :) I love this picture.

Yule ritual altar.

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Joxy said...

wow! That is some candle and candle holder!

Mmm I know what you mean about FC, I keep getting people asking me if Rye is excited; but no he isn't because I don't make a huge deal out counting down etc.

Like you, I give Rye some gifts at Yule and then normally on the 25th..t his year it will the 27th. I'd never really thought about the good thing until having a kid and now I hate it because it's so horribly manipulative.