Wednesday, 2 December 2009

First mince pies and penultimate full moon of 2009

The next and last full moon of this calender year will be new years eve I think

I was waiting for the clouds to align themselves nicely and took this... looks like the pole is on fire :)
First home made mince pies, yummy, Hettie Potters mincemeat recipe and Nigellas mince pie pastry.


nocton4 said...

wow, those are breathtaking.
all love xx

Joxy said...

Beautiful photos!

I'm preparing a big time ritual for the last moon of 2009 - I've felt blocked for a while now and certainly, so far, my business is failing to get off the ground - SO, what better way to start off the new year by some humdinger of crafting :-)

Charlotte said...

What beautiful pictures of the moon, saw the moon like that on wed night looked like it had a rainbow around it..stunning.

Charlotte xx