Thursday, 19 November 2009

Home Ed group is becoming a reality

So my CRB check is through and the CC have said Friday afternnon is available to me if I want it for the Home Ed group. Bit of a pain as it clashes with K's swimming lessons but we will have to work round it. It could be that he moves up a level at the end of this term so that will mean the times/days change anyway.

Need to start organising getting hold of crafty stuff, luckliy there are toys already there which I think we'll be able to utilise for the younger ones.

Been really busy on custom orders so no time for much of anything. Can't make crayon rolls quick enough!

Have almost finished Kailens birthday crown though :)

We are also getting some open shelving from Ikea on the weekend to put the toys on so that will be good, a good de-clutter/donate session and less toys before the season of excess descends.

I've also had to order a load of new clothes we just don't have enough in winter! My lovely clean babies that could wear the same clothes for days have turned into mud and dirty water magnets ad I just can't get it washed and dried quick enough!

Photography wise I've done nothing apart from take photos of orders to put on the shop.

Here is a new fabric order though, all washed and ready to be transformed :)

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Laura said...

great news. hope it all works out for you. :)