Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mini Mei Tais

Gathering stuff to take to the local NCT sale on Saturday I remembered a pattern I'd drawn up for MT's for little ones, armed with new Ikea fabric I've whipped a few up :) The top one is a trial run and my updated pattern is different.
This top one is up for grabs if anyone would like it, the shoulder straps aren't at the right angle and it is a trial run so not perfect but it still works as a child's MT. Leave me a comment or PM me on one of the forums I frequent! If lots of people are interested I'll draw a name at random.
The others are for sale at £5 each.
These are not weight bearing and have been made for use only with dolls/teddies/similar.


Claire said...

Once again you have some gorgeous creations there.

Laura said...

Ooh, i'd so love one of these for Phoebe. so cute!