Thursday, 25 June 2009

Summer Swap

Part of our beautiful package of goodies for the season swap!
We also had some lovely hand made paper, pretty butterfly confetti and two Brambly hedge books!
Thank you so much Mama4 :)

The area where we normally have things is a disaster zone at the moment as Edan can reach everything and doesn't understand gentle play. The gnomes have been destuffed, the sun has been dismantled, flowers have been eaten and , well the list is pretty endless.

K found a dead bee and picked a rose the other day, these have had to be moved up onto the mirror for the time being!

Solar paper was fun and we have loads left so will keep looking for interesting shaped leaves so we can do some more.
For some weird reason the solar paper pic has appeared twice (sorted) and I can't move the thing! Who knows, this computer is a law unto itself most of the time.

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