Monday, 29 June 2009

I may be a little sick of strawberries....

but maybe not!
Mazey Day on Saturday was perfect, gorgeous weather, fantastic parades, lovely ice cream, delicious lunch at Archie Browns, saw one of my old pub cutomers as we do every year, it's weird but we see each other for 5 20 mins every Mazey Day and just slip straight back into conversation.
I took about 100 photos, trying to wade through them to pick out the best ones to post on here is a long job!
Sunday we went to a PYO farm Falmouth way and got strawberries and gooseberries, made jam and gooseberry crumble plus froze a load for darker days and ice cream/smoothy making.
Then today was hot and we were in need of a run around so we went to another PYO farm that had animals Trevaskis, it's a lovely little farm with an organic kitchen garden, shop with lovely things in it (I'm thinking I may try to get more veg and stuff from there on a weekly basis, it's only a few more miles and deprives T***o of a few of our ££'s, must try and get the Suma thing off the ground again......) and a restaurant that I think we will have to try soon! Another few kg's of strawberries came home with us but we left the raspberries as it was just getting to hot for the boys. The strawberries are enormous and again so delicious.
We're planning on Roskilly farm as well this week as C is on nights so I like to go out and about :)


mummybear said...

Strawberry picking in Cornwall.It can't get any better than that.

Okay maybe if you add some Rodda's

Liz said...

Strangely enough ther's a big tub in the fridge lol they make it about 3 miles away from here :)