Thursday, 12 March 2009

66-69 /365

Pics from last couple of days, one is GROSS though so do not scroll down if easily offended (hint~ we have cats!)

We were out in the garden this afternoon transplanting seedlings into bigger pots from their baby trays, we have a fox problem at the moment so I asked K to see where the chickens were......turns out they were in the greenhouse having found THE perfect spot for a dust bath. They were most annoyed at having to share their newfound space with me and babies and seedlings ! 69/36566/365 Just peeking through the hedge68/365 next doors as ours haven't flowered this year, either the bulbs are too shallow (quite probable) or some horrid but hungry bug is eating the bulbs!

67/365 gross I know but this is a very frequent occurance in this house! The blood was glistening in the light I couldn't resist getting the macro lens out.....sorry blog readers!

Lets hope for a baby bunny next time. That's not as weird as it sounds, they do eat the rabbits obviously but with the weeny baby bunnies they tend to want to play with them a while so I get the chance to save them!

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bohemianmama said...

Oh not fair! You have a Macro lens?! DH and I would love one but are sooo skint at the mo!

I love all your makes. Puts me to shame as I don't feel like I've really achieved much at all lately. I did make a couple of flower fairies for the seasons table but you'd laugh if you saw them!