Monday, 30 March 2009

38 and 83/365

Bizarrely photo 83 is my 38 birthday cake and ring............
I was trying to perfect the camera settings to get a good pic just with the light from the candles and no flash but I had a frantic over excited 3 year old trying to blow out the candles and squeals that should have shattered glass from a 1 year old who has discovered that candles are THE best thing in the whole wide world, so the picture taking had to stop and the cake eating got underway.
I've been a bit slack at getting a picture done every day but I'm hoping that with summer on the way (it is honestly!) I'll do more.
Did lots of gardening stuff yesterday, evicted some strawberries from the greenhouse to outside pots under a cloche, seedling moved from indoors to the greenhouse, beetroot seeds finally arrived on Saturday so they've gone in and more plotting and planning of the veg beds is underway. I'm hoping this week will be the week I get potatos, carrots and parsnips in the field plot.
I've been knitting some slippers for K and cutting out dresses for the shop, hoping to have them done this week as well.
I'm sure my request for an extra day this week has been approved.


TicklyToes said...

Looks yumptious lol ... we had to have candles on the cake when Hilary came to lunch - no birthdays, just because lol.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday!