Monday, 15 December 2008

RIP Beep 2

Mr Fox killed one of the girls yesterday, very sad. Although intially all 3 were missing and I was really very sad. I only found one handful of black feathers though so logically I guessed the other two had hidden and were waiting until they thought it was safe. I walked round the fields, loked under the caravan/cars, everywhere calling them, even open and shut the big garage doors a few times which is normally a surefire way of getting their attention as doors opening mean corn and an explore around the cavernous workshop! C then went for a walk to see if he could spot them, nothing. C told K the fox had taken them and in that explanation new baby chicks got mentioned !
Went out to get some logs, opened the door, had my back to the door picking logs to chop and I heard chickens chatting to me! The two had gone to ground somewhere and only came home a few hours later, they must have been petrified :( Not something I would usually wish on another animal but that damn fox familiy has had so many of our chickens I wish them all short lives.

Anyway Rargh and Beep 1 live on for now but I feel it is on borrowed time.

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TicklyToes said...

Glad Mr Fox didn't get them all. (keep meaning to ask if you know that there's a Parvo Virus outbreak locally)