Friday, 4 March 2011

Gruffalo story basket

Thought I'd post this while I remembered, I was reading a blog here and commented about our Gruffalo story basket and found the photo so here we go....
We had owl, fox and the gruffalo I just had to make a snake and a mouse from felt, we used our little logs for a logpile house, a felt tree for the owl, part of the rainbow stacker as the entrance to fox's underground house, a felt pond and more logs for the lake and rocks.

The gruffalo is beyond popular here and this adds a little more to it. I had good intentions of doing a different one every week but have to say the wicker basket has been appropriated for something else and we haven't done it for a few weeks. I must retreive it!


Lou said...

Wow, I love this - will probably pinch this idea as the Gruffalo is a huge favourite here. I looked at the story sacks (soft toys) but they were over £50. This is so much nicer. Thank you.
Lou xx

Dawn said...

Lovely, we love the gruffalo here too and have the soft toy.
I'm working on a story basket idea here too ;-)

Claire said...

What an excellent idea!

BTW, the top for Sophie is perfect! Thank you.

Liz said...

Thanks for the lovely comments and Claire I'm glad the top got there safely :)