Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Festively pimped gnome house!

Last night instead of doing the 500 things on my official to do list I decided to make a Yule tree and garland for the gnome house!

Kailen was delighted this morning when he noticed them, then this afternoon he made another garland and I made some glittery snowflakes for the roof :)

After I'd taken the photos I noticed the 2 gnomes sat at the kitchen table with the acorn cup, not quite sure what they had in there that was so strong to make them fall off their chairs lol
I think this goes some way to making up for the fact that we don't bring our Yule tree in until next weekend. He's seen friends houses decked out and is feeling most left out!
Spent Sunday afternoon at the wildlife trust doing a workshop on willow wreaths, they look so lovely no photo on the camera yet though.


Joxy said...

Awww lovely, really lovely!

Claire said...

I can see how that was just as important as all the other things on your list, with the addition of making little ones happy.

Wonderful idea.

Dawn said...

Lovely, I love the little tree.

Has your parcel arrived yet?