Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Busy day

Two new chickens named Autumn and Winter :)
Two new skirts almost finished for the shop.
Some photos done for the breastfeeding calender. Another shoot tomorrow :) I'm in dire need of another memory card, do you think it will magically appear in the post tomorrow (along with a niddy noddy!)
Alo got my first full bobbin of plied Jacob, I will skein it and wash it and then actually knit something with it! Not sure how much wool is there weight wise though so it may be a smallish project!
No photos becasue I've been busy spinning.
Other things..cabbages in, variety of lettuces gone into the greenhouse, 90% of tomato plants taken out so looking a bit bare in there.
My butternut squashes as all still really small. Are you meant to restrict the green leafy growth like with tomatos so all the energy gets put inot the squashes? K's pumpkins are non existent they were definately put in too late.
More cabbages to go in and garlic obviously.
Green manure? Maybe if I get time.

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