Sunday, 20 July 2008


We've been debating getting one, discussing which size would be best and where it could and couldn't go. C has done a week of 12hour shifts and suggested we could use some of that money for a trampoline. I hadn't really looked into it anymore and then at B&Q today while I was buying some sisal to make a beehive :) (for the season table) they had some on sale. £58 for an 8ft one with a safety enclosure, done deal! We will get a bigger one for the field in a few years time when both of them are older.

Edan is starting to roll himself over, he can pivot 360* around very succesfully and with a nudge can go from back to front but he can go from front to back all by himself looking very pleased with himself as he does it!

Butterflies! Might do the beehive and bees sometime this week but the weather is meant to be sunny all week so maybe not!


Laura said...

The trampoline looks like fun! Think we'll have to get one when Phoebe is older. Our neighbours have a huge one she looks longingly at already! lol
Lovely blog and i'd love to see the beehive when its done! x

nocton4 said...

Wonderful blog, I've popped over from GP forum to take a peek.
Look forward to reading more and seeing those lovely pictures.
all love